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5 reasons not to wait to review your hurricane coverage

5 reasons not to wait to review your hurricane coverage

Every year we see a predictable uptick of inquiries about insurance during Hurricane Season.  The closer a major storm gets to Florida there is correlated increase in calls and office visits.  While we love the enthusiasm for insurance coverage we hope this year we can resolve most of questions before they become last minute requests.

There are 5 major reasons why you shouldn’t wait to review your hurricane coverage.

  1. A new insurance policy like flood insurance may have up to a 30 day waiting period before it goes into effect.
  2. Companies can (and do) stop writing new business before predictable weather related events.
  3. Increasing your coverage or lowering your deductible right before a weather related event may not be allowed by your carrier.
  4. A request to change your coverage may need to be submitted and reviewed before it goes into effect which can take days (or weeks) during peak season!
  5. In order to qualify for a new policy or certain coverage changes you may need to provide photos, receipts, and/or inspections which could delay the process even further.

Most of the issues listed above can be avoided entirely by planning to review your coverage early and taking the appropriate steps before there are major weather events like hurricanes or tropical storms headed for your area.

Please take a few minutes to talk to your agent today.  And if they won’t take your call we would love to.


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