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Another casualty? Hearth & Windhaven

On February 26th, Florida and Texas agents were notified by bulletin that the Hearth and Windhaven are winding down their business activity and ceasing all new business and renewals (in those states).  We do not have details from the Office of Insurance Regulation of a liquidation order or the process of moving these policies to Citizens Property and Casualty Insurance Company "Citizens" at this time but it seems likely after the liquidation of Florida Specialty Insurance Company went through a similar process.

Windhaven was in the news in December as the state regulators placed the company in rehabilitation. This attempt to shore up the company apparently failed as less than a month later it was deemed that rehabilition of the company would be "useless" and instead the company would be liquidated. Originally it was thought that maybe its property carrier The Hearth written on State National paper would not be affected but now that appears to be case.

If you are a policyholder of The Hearth or Windhaven, I encourage you to contact your agent immediately and keep up with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation for the most timely updates. If you would like to explore your other options, I would encourage you to visit our Homeowners Insurance portal so we can work to provide you other private market options.