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Are pools covered?

I someone who was concerned because they wanted to use their current home as a rental house but they had an inground pool in the backyard. While pools do present a bigger liability exposure for companies, there a few things you can do to reduce your exposure and find a company willing to write your insurance:

  1. No slides or diving boards
  2. Fence at least 4 feet tall around the entire pool or backyard
  3. Locking gate to gain access to the pool
  4. Keep the pool well maintained including the water level

If you do these four things you probably won't have any issues with your pool. Please do keep in mind that the insurance carrier will ask about the pool, you may have to carry higher coverage limits, and they will inspect your premises to ensure it is reasonably safe. You may also pay a slightly higher premium as well.

If you want to see how much it would cost to properly insure your home with a pool please click here