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Back to school

Back to school

3 things to remember...

This is the exciting time of year for kids and their parents.  Classes in Baker County begin August 10th and with it there will be some noticeable changes in our daily lives.  Here are 3 things to remember for the start of the school year about your auto insurance:

  1. Good Student Discount
    If you have a child in school, now is the time to encourage them to get a good head start on maintaining a 3.0 GPA or better.  This discount helps to offset the large premium paid by young drivers and most companies will give the discount and verify the grades later.  And this doesn't just apply to high school students, you can also have college students receive this discount as well.

  2. Accident Forgiveness
    Younger drivers pay higher premiums because they are much more likely to have an accident and this is the busiest time of year.  Some insurance companies offer accident forgiveness for at-fault accidents which is a great way to ensure you don't pay expensive surcharges for a minor claim.  This isn't available with every carrier so make sure you understand your company's availability of this great feature.

  3. Contents aren't covered
    Car insurance does not cover contents left inside the car.  You may have coverage under a homeowners or renters insurance for stolen property but those policies typically have a high deductible that wouldn't pay for a single item stolen from your car like a purse or phone.  The best way to protect your belongings is to not leave them in your car and if you have to, conceal them or put them in the trunk and keep the car locked.