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Cornovirus, how do I stay safe?

The Coronavirus is being described by some as a global pandemic. It is a highly contagious respiratory virus that spreads easily and appears to be lethal to people with immune problems and older folks. This does not mean that people who are not in those categories are unaffected. As a matter of fact some researchers say that people who are unaware they carry the virus are helping to spread it at a faster rate. To do our part in decreasing the likelihood that any of our staff or clients are impacted, we wanted to remind our clients or potential clients that every policy we service or write can be done over the phone and/or email.

If you do not want to risk spreading contagion we encourage you to opt in to using our phone or email services at least until the outbreak is contained. This way we can promote a healthier workplace and safeguard the health of our clients. Thank you and stay safe!