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Is Gen Z LESS tech savvy?

Is Gen Z LESS tech savvy?

Even though Gen Z is considered more tech savvy than previous generations, there may be signs that this generation may suffer a higher degree of anxiety around tech according to one study. Unlike their counterparts, Gen Zs grew up using well polished and stable technology environments earning the nickname "digital natives." These environments had already resolved many of the proprietary compatibility and clunky file management issues previous generations dealt with. It was these less user friendly systems that actually helped provide those older generations a solid foundation for learning how to use more complex legacy programs.

If you are an employer this could have a big impact on you. Many businesses that use legacy or proprietary software suites which share little in common with more streamlined apps may find that Gen Zs have actually experience a longer learning journey. However, older generations in large part will still lean on this generation to provide day-to-day tech support particularly with social media and mobile apps, one area where this generation really thrives. We may also see this generation pick up newer AI technology like ChatGPT and help integrate it into their current tech stack making just about everything else obsolete.

Until that day arrives, here are a few things businesses should do to help Gen Z employees understand areas of technology they might have anxiety about:

  1. Discuss where digital files and communications should be stored
  2. Stick to a naming convention company wide
  3. Regularly meet to go over the procedures to protect sensitive data
  4. Make sure each employee knows how to find the answer to a tech question
  5. Don't pressure any employee to be an expert in tech outside of their primary role, outsource if needed

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