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Realtor Toolbox

DISCLAIMER: These tools rely on data provided by third-party APIs and user input and are not intended to be a replacement of a licensed professional's skilled assessment.


Flood Zone Tool

This tool is meant to quickly find the flood zone for any property in the United States. The data is provided through a FEMA direct API connection. Soon we will be able to quote (and bind) flood insurance coverage instantly. Right now, the tool is limited to just providing the type of flood zone the property is located in and offer a follow-up appointment if more help is needed.


Mortgage Calculator Tool <<<DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE>>>

We are not mortgage professionals. This tool is not meant to be a replacement for any mortgage professional's advice or work. As a matter of fact, this tool is designed to help funnel a potential client to a preferred local lending partner. This quick estimate tool can help clients better understand the relationship between principal, interest, and down payment.


Home Value Tool

This is a simple home valuation tool that lets people input their addresses to get a quick estimate of what their home is worth. This is not to replace a skilled realtor or appraiser's assessment but may help open up a dialogue about selling their home. If the prospect is interested at the end of the conversation, the chatbot will try to convert it into a lead for the realtor.


Convert Rent to Mortgage Tool

Trying to convince people that owning a home is better than renting? Distribute this link to your social networks and let them see the math for themselves! While the figures will not be as accurate as dealing with a real loan officer, it is a good tool to open up the conversation about homeownership.